Fastech Club - HVAC/R Program

HVAC/R Program

Nationally recognized HVAC/R Technology program is built around expert instructors, leading-edge equipment, and trusted brands. The shortest way to start a new career or a business.


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Fastech Club - drone pilot program

Drone Pilot Program

Drone piloting is an exciting, dynamic, and well-paying profession, and it is one of the fastest expanding vocations playing a significant role in many industries


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Entrepreneurship Program

This program allows students to develop problem-solving and teamwork skills that they can apply in limitless settings, including business, nonprofit, government, and career


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Website Dev Program

We created this program to help you advance your career and business success with expert instruction, hands-on training, and real-world web development.


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President, Founder, and Editor of VLM Press. Entrepreneur, a Business Consultant, graduated in Administration and Foreign Trade, Theologian with a Master’s Degree in the United States, Experienced in International Business Management, Web Development, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Strategy. Author of the books: Self-Discovery and Stay Free and the upcoming new book Bigger than Yourself.

Edivaldo A Fontes

Program Director, VLM Press

Publications Director, affiliated with ABI-Inter in 2018, holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has a degree in History, Education, Psychoanalysis, and Theology. Specialist in didactics, personal and business marketing, contextual review, content review, and editorial consistency. Author of the best seller Seasoned with Salt.

Christiany Rebelo


In the beginning, there was one man and a huge dream. Vital A/C Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that stands by its values, including honesty and integrity. The next step was to understand Vital’s focus, becoming a comfort provider—Where your Comfort is Vital to Us.

Warley Beltrame Vital

Field Training Supervisor, Vital A/C Solutions

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