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Sheriff Gregory Tony and Eddie Fontes - Fastech founder

Sheriff Gregory Tony and Edivaldo A Fontes during the 2021 VLM Press Professional Excellence Award Men of Great Valor. Foto: Bill Paparazzi.


We Listen And Work Together To Create A Brighter Future for Our Youth.

Fastech was founded to provide tech training to all students to develop leadership through high-quality afterschool and summer learning programs, tutoring, and mentoring.

We strive to develop in our students the awareness and perception to appreciate and exploit opportunities to enjoy a successful career in all its potential. We believe that with good practice and strong attention, you can reap the fruits of work experiences, and as a result, enjoy a more prosperous and more satisfying career.


Edivaldo A Fontes,

(CEO and Founder)



To provide high-quality hands-on training and foment the leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of our youth.


Every child should have access to high-quality afterschool opportunities that are affordable, accountable, and inclusive.

Our Goals

To work collaboratively with government agencies and institutions to provide cost-free afterschool learning programs and high-quality and innovative resources to inspire students to pursue leadership and entrepreneurship careers.

Target 2021-2022

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Edivaldo A Fontes - Fastech Director

Edivaldo A Fontes

CEO and Founder

Alfredo Buitrago


Christiany Rebelo - Fastech Secretary

Christiany Rebelo


StClarson Gibbson


Warley Beltrame Vital

Warley B Vital

Field Training Supervisor

VLM Press - support

About Us

Fastech is committed to the excellence of the training we provide.

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